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Amari Nylix in brown dress and cowboy hat
About the Author

Amari Nylix

Amazon bestseller Amari Nylix tells sordid stories revolving around tempestuous love affairs. Inspired by the secret liaisons of old west villains, heroes and the temptress women who lure those powerful men into their webs. She particularly enjoys it when the men’s armor is ripped away, exposing their soft under bellies known as their hearts. She relishes in the men’s pursuit of the soft, feminine kitten, only to find themselves shocked when she turns out to be a wanton minx. 

Years of traveling the globe, studying her human subjects as they let their emotions draw them into sticky situations, taking notes along the way, led her to write stories that taunt. Amari delights in sharing her torrid stories of heart-wrenching, epic love that begin with the desires of the flesh and evolve into affairs of the heart.

Amari resides in the finest hotels the world over, enjoying the attention of the men that dare. Little do they know, her motives are to reel them in, then use them for ‘research’ purposes. Her objective is always to dissect the hidden ‘sweet’ motivations of the men she writes about that are often disguised behind their alpha bravados. She makes no apologies for her pernicious ways. Her sole goal is to give all the minxes that follow her writing a fulfilling ride on the provocative, emotional, and often humorous train they bought a ticket on.

She currently splits her time between Austin, Texas and wherever the hell else she wants. She has an affinity for old hotel bars where she can be seen enjoying a cocktail or two, while she imagines all the saucy liaisons that were sparked within those walls. Her favorites are the Driskill Hotel (Austin), Palmer House (Chicago), the Hotel Del Coronado (Coronado Island) as well as the Hotel Rosewood (London).  When she’s not writing, she enjoys being served, by hot, ripped men…while doing ‘research’ for future books.

In the Austin Heat series, Amari works closely with bestselling author of both non-fiction and fiction, Tara Delaney. Tara has extensive professional experience in behavior and nervous system development, while also having studied the impact of how early trauma impacts our responses as adults. Tara is directly responsible for trimming back Amari’s sex scenes, allowing room for all the FEELS. 

They have a productive, albeit contentious, working relationship. Tara insists that the only way to draw readers into characters is through their hearts and minds, while Amari insists that readers only slog through ‘that stuff’ to get to the spice. 


Tara advises that although the emotional tension will pull you in, it is important to note, the spicy scenes are intense and explicit. Not everyone is naughty enough for this series.

Amari advises you to read it! Enjoy the ride…you may realize you’re naughtier than you’d like to admit. Amari promises to keep your secrets a secret…those are between you and your lipstick.

Disclaimer: Ms. Nylix is NOT responsible for your increased water bill due to the number of COLD showers required to get you through this steamy series.


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